The Lazy Lawyers Guide to Improving English

How to improve English for lawyers

Lawyers often ask me if I have a guide to improving English skills quickly.

Often they have an English meeting that has been unexpectedly scheduled and they are worried that their level of English won’t be good enough. They worry that they will be judged negatively by clients and colleagues or even worse that they will miss some of the conversation and give the wrong answer.

When you can’t communicate clearly in English it creates a lot of stress and anxiety.

Lawyers risk giving the wrong advise or making themselves look stupid and this can have a very negative impact on their career.

stressed lawyer can't speak English

When you improve your English communication skills and learn how to use the English language as a tool, you will be able to communicate clearly.

You won’t be judged as inferior and you will be much more relaxed and confident in meetings so you can focus on the conversation and giving the right advice.

The best lawyers use English daily and they make it part of their lives. To do that you need to start by creating a habit and develop consistency.

To help you I have created a short guide to help you get started on improving your English so you can feel more confident and appear more professional at work.

Remember, consistency is vital. Just look at any business failure. It’s normally due to inconsistency. It’s the same with English. You need structured systems to get ahead.

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how to Speak better English by caryn leach-smith

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Never be stuck for words

  • Build a system
  • Speak confidently
  • use the right words
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