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English Coaching For lawyers

Some of the best lawyers have hired me to help them improve their English communication skills. 

English coaching has helped them improve their confidence, their performance at work and to speak fluent English without hesitation.

Clients have told me both verbally and with their actions by continuing to hire me and recommending me to their colleagues that they believe English coaching to be effective in helping them to perform better at work and to speak fluent English without hesitation. 

Some lawyers have reported an improvement in confidence after just 1 session!

Good communication skills for lawyers who work in an international environment are essential which is why you need English coaching and not just English lessons. 

I’m an ex-lawyer, English language teacher and Mindfulness practitioner. I have years of experience working with professionals and helping them to focus on developing the right mindset and using the right communication tools so they perform better at work. English coaching is the most effective and efficient way to improve your English communication skills.

English Coaching Helps Lawyers Improve their Performance

Many lawyers whose second language is English fear being judged.

They want to speak confidently and to understand and be understood. 

But, they find conversations in English stressful, it makes them anxious and avoid meetings.

Lawyers have big problems when it comes to communicating clearly in English. They know the law, they know the solution, but when they try to explain it in English the following happens: 

  •  A barrier appears. 
  • They can’t find the words to communicate their thoughts.
  • They take a long time to make a sentence. 
  • They feel embarrassed and uncomfortable. 
  • They worry they look unprofessional. 
  • They have so much information to give they can’t organise their thoughts clearly.

Confident English speakers work on their communication skills

Work With Caryn

Speak English with Confidence

I work with you to help you feel calm, confident, relaxed and in control.

Imagine walking into a meeting feeling relaxed and confident because you know you have mastered one of the key skills for lawyers. You have good legal, business English and you can explain those complicated legal concepts easily. It feels good doesn’t it? English coaching can help you.

To become a successful, confident English speaker you need to:

  • Work on your personal development. 
  • Have the right mindset.
  • Have the right English tools.

When you work with an English coach and you work on these 3 pillars you become more confident and able to speak fluent English without hesitation. Your clients and colleagues will respect you and you can finally become the leader you were meant to be.

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What Programme Should I choose?

If you’re a confident speaker I will help you go further. The English Accelerator Programme is perfect for you.

If you want to build confidence so you can truly understand how to argue like a lawyer, I recommend the VIP Intensive English Coaching programme for you.

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English Coaching for Lawyers

Discover The Secret System

The Communication Code

  • Sound more profession al in all situations
  • Connect better with clients & colleagues
  • Create a good impression
Stop Feeling Judged

If you're a lawyer who speaks English as a second language, work smart not hard. English coaching is the fastest and most effective way to speak English confidently without hesitation. Talk with Caryn to find out more.

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