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English For Smart Intelligent Lawyers whose second language is English.

Welcome to Rapid English Transformation. English specially designed for lawyers whose second language is English and who need to improve their job performance in an international market.

  • English programmes that will take you from:
    • Anxious to Confident
    • Confident to Impressive

All classes are online, 1 to 1 with Coach Caryn so you get individual attention and maximum benefit to speed your progress.

With English Coaching in just 10 Weeks you could be speaking English fluently and without hesitation or pushing and challenging yourself with new topics and thought pieces.


VIP English Coaching Programme – 10 week course

1 hour intensive coaching sessions focused on developing a confident mindset and learning communication secrets.

Specially designed for lawyers who have been speaking English for a long time but still feel anxious or stressed when they have to use English

English Accelerator

30 minute booster sessions for lawyers short on time but in need of stimulating and diverse English challenges so they can expand their vocabulary, mindset and speaking skills to keep up with their international colleagues.