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Special Project Free consultation

1 to 1 consultation with Caryn to discuss English-based projects you want assistance with to improve your performance at work and deliver results.

As a worldwide lawyer, you need to be a fluent English communicator. You need more than legal English.

Lawyers are humans and sometimes they need a little support and guidance to help them in their personal business growth.

International lawyers get asked to do presentations or projects that require them to have excellent English communication skills. This can be challenging.

Standard English courses or legal English courses are not specific, fast or flexible enough to help lawyers in this situation.

Caryn has over a decade’s experience working in the education industry and was also a practising lawyer in the past. Caryn is able to help you work on your communication skills so you can effectively deal with the presentation or project in the quickest and most professional way.

Special project assistance is the fastest and most effective way to improve your skills so you can function and perform better in your job.

Talk to Caryn today and find out how she can help you solve your problem.

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Why English Coaching?

English Coaching is the fastest and easiest way to improve your English Skills. Individual programmes specific to your needs. Get results. Work with Caryn

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