English Accelerator Plus

Accelerator Plus English Programme

Dynamic 1 to 1 sessions to help you stay at the top of your game. Investing in professional development is a must for any top international lawyer. Keeping your English Communication skills fresh and professional will help you stay ahead of the competition and ensure your career stays on track.

The Accelerator Plus programme is perfect for lawyers who don’t want to lose their speaking skills and need to be prepared for speaking with clients and colleagues in an international environment both at work and at social engagements.

This is a long term programme for lawyers who are ready to commit to their professional development and invest in themselves.

1 to 1 tailored online sessions

Session duration 30minutes

47 sessions to be completed within 52 weeks


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75 Phrases For Meetings

Never be stuck for words

  • Build a system
  • Speak confidently
  • use the right words
Why English Coaching?

English Coaching is the fastest and easiest way to improve your English Skills. Individual programmes specific to your needs. Get results. Work with Caryn

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