1 Thing Lawyers Need To Improve Their Communication Skills

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Master Your Confidence To Improve Your Communication Skills

You can know all the words in the  English dictionary but they won’t help you if you lack the confidence to use them. 

It doesn’t matter how many “nice” English courses you take or how much you love your English teacher because they’re just so easy to get along with, or how much you enjoyed that group English class where you got to speak for at least 10 minutes in the hour. The truth is you are still on the road to nowhere and your English sucks. 


Because you have a confidence problem not a vocabulary problem and your lack of confidence is affecting your communication skills.

If you’re wondering if you have a confidence problem here are 3 big signs that you lack confidence when speaking in English.

-You avoid phone calls, 

-You always let your colleagues take the lead because you think they know how to speak fluent English without hesitation.

-You  hide behind papers in meetings praying know one asks you to speak.


Confidence is like a muscle, the more you exercise it the stronger it gets. The big problem is getting started. Fortunately, with the right support and training confidence can be learnt like any new skill. You just need the right guidance and techniques.  You can learn more about those techniques English Coaching for communication skills

Useless Advice

You will read lots of useless advice on the internet  on how to improve your communication skills as a lawyer.

All sorts of rubbish about just practise with your friends or in front of a mirror. The truth is this doesn’t work. Your friends aren’t your work colleagues or your clients. Your friends are nice people and they want to help you.

On the other hand when you speak to colleagues or clients you feel uncomfortable and embarrassed because you worry about being judged. Of course this can influence you and affect your self confidence. You are human first and a lawyer second, possibly a shark third but let’s not go down that path because after all not all lawyers are sharks.

As for practising in front of a mirror this is likely to make you never want to speak English again. The majority of people who try this start to worry about how they look when they speak English which only leads to a further loss of confidence.

Neither of these techniques are going to fully prepare you to take that first giant leap into a highly stressful and intense legal conversation. Something more constructive and useful is necessary to help you improve your communication skills!

It’s Not Extra Vocabulary You Need!

As lawyers who work in an international environment the chances are you already have a good vocabulary. 

You most certainly will have seen legal documents written in English and will have a good understanding of the contents.This means vocabulary is not the real problem. Don’t take my word for it download this free resource of the 1000 most frequently used words and check for yourself. 

1000 most used English words

So if it’s not a vocabulary problem that’s holding you back from improving your communication skills what is it? 


Finding the courage to open your mouth and speak in English in a situation where you feel judged takes a lot of effort and courage. But when you work with a coach who can guide you through the initial stages and introduce you to proven communication techniques things change.

Many lawyers don’t have the courage to speak in English because they don’t have the skills needed to deal with unfamiliar situations or the communication systems needed to answer questions and give opinions. 

Caryn’s VIP English Coaching programme helps lawyers take that first step and in just 10 weeks they are able to transform their English Communication skills and their performance at work.

As a lawyer you have a choice. You can choose to underperform in your role as a lawyer or  you can choose to set goals and achieve them. Which one do you want?


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