Lawyers fear AI: Will Robot Lawyers Destroy Them?

lawyers fear AI

Sophia the AI Robot, built by Hanson Electronics, is an incredibly intelligent machine with the capability to engage in conversations, form relationships, and demonstrate empathy.

Sophia a humanoid robot by Hanson electronics

Sophia can understand natural language processing and facial recognition technology,

making it capable of communicating with people and responding to their needs.

She can provide insightful answers and even crack jokes.

Computer scientists have equipped her with advanced AI technologies, such as facial recognition, speech synthesis, natural language processing, and machine learning algorithms.

The case against Sophia

Some say that she is not a very advanced artificial intelligence and that at best she is just a chatbot with a human face.

To be clear, Sophia is not legal tech, and she is not connected with ai in the legal profession. But is she something that smart lawyers should fear?

Legal technology is advancing and whilst some lawyers say you should not fear ai others say that this technology could ultimately disrupt the legal profession and replace a lawyer in many areas of legal work, such as legal research and document reviews.

This is because of the ai’s system of machine learning. Its ability to learn continuously through data mining and natural language processing in the same way that a child does means that it will have the capability to easily complete repetitive tasks and at the same time, the technology will continue to learn and improve its competence.

AI learns quickly and can beat humans

Artificial intelligence is capable of acquiring new skills by itself.

It has already proved it is more competent than some of the best lawyers in the USA. Its ability to predict court outcomes is better than human lawyers. When challenged on contract review, it was better than the top lawyers and robo lawyer has shown it can successfully guide people to competently complete legal documents.

It’s not surprising that some human lawyers view ai with suspicion and other lawyers fear for their jobs. Is there really nothing to fear?

Could an upgraded Sophia replace lawyers in some areas of law?
By using her AI capabilities, she could potentially help people better understand their legal rights and obligations, as well as provide guidance on certain legal matters.

There will always be people who say that AI cannot replace lawyers, but is this really true? In the UK, non-legally qualified persons are allowed to go into court and prosecute minor traffic cases, so why not a robo lawyer?

AI robot lawyers

Let’s consider the cases of AI ROSS and of DoNotPay (Robo lawyer).

Ross was described as the first Robolawyer. It disrupted the legal world back in 2016 and it worried a lot of bankruptcy lawyers. It was able to summarize complicated legal standards; find accurate case citations and deliver a competent answer. It was able to process large amounts of data that were very time-consuming and, as a result, increase efficiency. It also meant that lawyers were able to increase their workflow and that not as many lawyers were needed.

The ROSS platform was built on IBM’s Watson computer. An incredible piece of artificial intelligence which was equipped with the same cognitive computing and natural language processing capabilities as the AI that won the complicated and intelligent game show, Jeopardy, in 2011.

Robo lawyers beat humans

The ROSS Intelligence website said, “You ask your questions in plain English, as you would a colleague, and ROSS then reads through the entire body of law and returns a cited answer and topical readings from legislation, case law and secondary sources to get you up-to-speed quickly.”

It went on to say, “In addition, ROSS monitors the law around the clock to notify you of new court decisions that can affect your case.”

However, the Ross team were hit with what they allege to be a spurious court case. The legal proceedings alleged infringement of copyright/licences. Because litigating court cases is expensive, Ross was forced to close its operations.

Ai could be judges very soon


DoNotPay has a robot lawyer that was scheduled to make legal history in Feb 2023. The robo lawyer was due to appear in court in New York to represent someone on a minor traffic charge.

It is powered by powerful AI, Chat GPT and DaVinci. It is the world’s first robot lawyer.

The robo lawyer is designed to replace human lawyers in court and can help with a variety of legal issues, such as speeding tickets and parking violations.

However, human lawyers were scared by the robo lawyer, and they threatened owner Joshua Browder with a criminal prosecution and 6 months in jail if the robo lawyer was used in court. The actual real life practice of law had to be abandoned.

The DoNotPay website represents a thriving law practice. It helps consumers with matters such as contracts and lease agreements. Its ai proactively defends the rights of consumers and helps them to competently complete the relevant documents. It helps clients with the cases that lawyers don’t want to do or that would be too expensive. It offers much cheaper and better pricing than a lawyer.

AI accurately predicts court outcomes


DoNotPay is a revolutionary step forward in the legal industry, as it provides access to quick and affordable legal advice to those who may not have the means to hire a lawyer.

There is no doubt that if DoNotPay were allowed to put their robo lawyer in court, it would change everything.

The courtroom experience could be made easier, faster, and more efficient. This could revolutionise the way legal cases are handled, and it could ultimately lead to a decrease in the need for lawyers in court.

Lawyers need to rethink artificial intelligence. Ai isn’t going to disappear and as soon as someone teaches it the law and combines it with a programme in a humanoid chatbot like Sophia, the legal industry will be changed forever.

People say lawyers shouldn’t fear ai. They are right. Lawyers should get out there and learn how to use it because pretty soon those who use it will be at the top of the legal profession and those that don’t use ai will be looking for another job.

Robo lawyer

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